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NFC Wild Card Weekend Predictions

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs ATS Picks

Kansas City Chiefs fans know all about heartache in the playoffs. They've witnessed their Chiefs head into the playoffs with high hopes time and time again, but the last time they reached the AFC Championship Game was in 1994. With the team riding high on a four-game winning streak, hopes will once again be renewed with the Tennessee Titans coming to Arrowhead Stadium for Wild Card weekend. >>>Read More

Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams ATS Picks

The defending NFC champs are back in the playoffs. It isn't often nowadays that the team that lost the Super Bowl gets back in the playoffs the next season, but the Atlanta Falcons have defied the odds and are here in Westwood for the first playoff game played in Los Angeles in two and a half decades. >>>Read More

Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ATS Picks

One team hasn't been in the playoffs since 2000. The other had picked in the top-10 in the NFL Draft in 10 straight seasons. Yet the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars have finally circled the wagons and are back in the NFL playoffs. Now, they're set to clash in the first of two Wild Card duels on Sunday in what certainly qualifies as the most surprising playoff matchup we've seen in quite some time in the NFL. >>>Read More

Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints ATS Picks

The New Orleans Saints swept the Carolina Panthers in the regular season. Now, they're going to try to become the 12th team since 1990 to win three games in a single year against the same team when these NFC South rivals face off in the Bayou in the last of the Wild Card games this weekend. >>>Read More

Divisional Playoffs

January 13

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles ATS Picks

Since the NFL expanded to 12 playoff teams, there hasn't been a No. 1 seed doubted as much as the Philadelphia Eagles. With Carson Wentz out of the fold, the confidence level in Nick Foles is virtually nil. Still, the road to the Super Bowl goes through the City of Brotherly Love, and Foles will do what he can on Saturday to dismiss the Atlanta Falcons. >>>Read More

Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots ATS Picks

In the case of the Tennessee Titans, they weren't the better team on the field in Wild Card weekend against the Chiefs. That said, they were the team that got the better breaks, and they parlayed said good fortune into a trip to the second round of the NFL playoffs. >>>Read More

January 14

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ATS Picks

Of the four teams who survived Wild Card weekend, none did so in uglier fashion than the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their 10-3 win was tied for the sixth-lowest scoring playoff game in NFL history, and it was a relatively unwatchable game most of the way. >>>Read More

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings ATS Picks

Keenum was never projected to be much of an NFL quarterback, but he took the second chance he has gotten at being a full-time starter and run with it. The Minnesota Vikings wouldn't have made the playoffs without Keenum playing at a tremendously high level. >>>Read More

January 21 NFL Futures

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots ATS Picks

It was always hard for any team to make an argument against the New England Patriots this year. They were always the best team in the AFC, and it was always going to be tough to beat them. But not since the 16-0 season in 2007 have the Patriots had this easy of a route to the Super Bowl. >>>Read More

January 21 NFL Props

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles ATS Picks

It wasn't always the prettiest work of art last weekend for either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Minnesota Vikings, but they both finished the job in the Divisional Round of the playoffs and are 60 minutes of football away from Super Bowl 52. >>>Read More

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