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NFL Sunday Week 14 Predictions

Week 14 Minnesota Vikings vs. Carolina Panthers ATS Picks

What more do the Minnesota Vikings have to do to get the full respect of the best NFL sportsbooks? They've won eight games in a row after starting at 2-2, and four of their last five games have been on the road. They've beaten the Rams, Lions and Falcons in their last three games, and now, they draw the Carolina Panthers in what will be their last truly tough test of the season in all likelihood. >>>Read More

Tennessee Titans vs. Arizona Cardinals ATS Picks

The Arizona Cardinals have officially been reduced to the role of spoiler this season. A week after losing to Los Angeles to end any hope it had of capturing a playoff spot in the NFC, the Cardinals will take on the Tennessee Titans, who are probably just two wins away from wrapping up a playoff spot in the AFC. >>>Read More

San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans ATS Picks

The San Francisco 49ers appear to finally have a quarterback once again. Jimmy Garoppolo played relatively well in his first start with the Niners, and he already has the same number of wins this season as the rest of their quarterbacks combined. There's a good chance Garoppolo makes it two-for-two in Week 14 when San Francisco travels to the struggling Houston Texans. >>>Read More

Washington Redskins vs. Los Angeles Chargers ATS Picks

In failing to come up big in the desert last week against the disappointing Cardinals, it’s do or die time for Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins who can’t affOh, how the Washington Redskins wished they played in the AFC West right now! The Skins would be right in the thick of the fight for their division title just as the Los Angeles Chargers are at this point. Alas, good fortune that has been much overdue for the Bolts has put them in a prime position to win this division with four games remaining, and they're going to be heavy favorites to not blow this one against the visiting 'Skins. >>>Read More

Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs ATS Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs were the last undefeated team standing in the NFL this year at 5-0. Now, they're sitting at 6-6 and are going to be in a huge fight to win the AFC West. Fortunately for them, this division has been a wreck all season long. That said, if they lose again to the Oakland Raiders, they can probably kiss any chances of reaching the postseason goodbye. >>>Read More

Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns ATS Picks in Week 14

The Green Bay Packers may have gotten their lifeline. They're pointing at a Week 15 return for Aaron Rodgers, meaning they just have to get through one more game with Brett Hundley under center. Unfortunately for Green Bay, it really has to win this game to stay in the playoff chase in the NFC. Significantly more fortunately, that one game happens to be on the road against the Cleveland Browns. >>>Read More

Week 14 NFL Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ATS Picks

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers watched this season get away from them in a hurry. They really don't have anything left to play for at this point save for some pride, but if we're being honest, they'd be a lot better served losing to the Detroit Lions in Week 14 and hoping to nail down a top-five pick in the NFL Draft to help continue to build around Jameis Winston. >>>Read More

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos ATS Picks

Did you ever think at the start of the season that the New York Jets would be favored on the road against the Denver Broncos in Week 14? We're not quite there at this point, but depending upon the quarterback situation in Mile High this week, there's a decent chance the Jets will ultimately go off the board as the betting choices against a team that has been a perennial Super Bowl contender over the course of the last several seasons. >>>Read More

Week 14 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Rams ATS Picks

There are still six teams who legitimately could finish with the No. 1 seed in the NFC with four weeks left in the season. The Philadelphia Eagles are still the frontrunners at the moment, but should they lose a second straight game at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14, they'll cede that spot and could have to win a couple road games if they want to get to the Super Bowl out of the NFC. >>>Read More

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants ATS Picks in Week 14

The New York Giants don't have a lot left to play for in 2017, but the one thing they definitely can do is spoil the rest of the campaign for the teams in the NFC East. First up is the Dallas Cowboys, a team sitting at 6-6 that is still on the fringes of the NFC playoff race. The Giants can end Dallas' playoff dreams with an upset in the Meadowlands, but motivation is going to be a big factor for the hosts. >>>Read More

Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills ATS Picks

We're not sure if Sean McDermott should be Coach of the Year in the NFL or on his way to the unemployment line. On one hand, he's led the Buffalo Bills to a 6-6 record through three-quarters of the season, and he's done so without any legitimate quarterback play whatsoever. On the other hand, the Bills have had their doors blown off more times than we can count by suspect teams, and they don't feel like one of the 20 best teams in the NFL. If we're going to use the term "must win" for any team in Week 14, Buffalo is it. The Bills absolutely cannot afford a slip against the lowly Indianapolis Colts. >>>Read More

Week 14 Seattle Seahawks vs. Jacksonville Jaguars ATS Picks

The Seattle Seahawks proved that they were still absolutely among the NFL's elites last week when they beat the Eagles. They've still got a lot of work to do this year just to sew up a playoff spot, though, and that includes what feels like it's a must-win game on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14. >>>Read More

Chicago Bears vs. Cincinnati Bengals ATS Picks in NFL Week 14

Time is running out on the Cincinnati Bengals. They're not eliminated from the playoffs quite yet, but if they don't win each of their last four games, they're certainly going to be left on the outside. Is Marvin Lewis coaching for his job against the Chicago Bears this week? Lewis won't be fired after this game is over with, but this could be his final death knell after one of the longest tenures for a coach in recent memory. >>>Read More

NFL Sunday Night Game Week 14 Picks

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ATS Picks on SNF

An enormous battle is set to do down on Sunday Night Football in Week 14 when the Baltimore Ravens invade Heinz Field to close their regular season rivalry out with the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. John Harbaugh’s squad needs this game badly to keep its grasp of one of the wild-card slots, while Mike Tomlin’s troops need to come out on top in order to set up the battle for AFC supremacy that’s set to go down versus New England next week. >>>Read More

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